by Brook Bolen
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Perpetual heartthrob and Glee alum John Stamos recently tweeted his support of the LA-based Adopt the Arts Foundation. Stamos tweeted “help save the arts in public schools” and “where would i be if i didn’t start out a band geek?” and included a link to the Adopt the Arts website.

Co-founded by Grammy-award winning drummer Matt Sorum, of Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver fame, Adopt the Arts is “dedicated to improving the academic performance of every child” through art and music. Adopt the Arts endeavors to bring together the general public, as well as well-known artists and public figures to raise money to keep arts education alive in public schools. While Adopt the Arts focuses locally on Los Angeles, they hope to spread their work to other cities as they grow.

Funding for arts education programs continues to be slashed across the country, and Los Angeles is no different. The current school year’s budget faces a 30% reduction in funding for the 2010-2011 school year, thereby requiring LA public schools to purchase art classes from their school district. Unfortunately, the majority of schools in the district are unable to afford to make these purchases.

In a city where the arts comprise a huge part of the culture and economy, Adopt the Arts argues it is unacceptable that only approximately 50% of elementary school students to have access to arts education. Many booster and parent groups now fundraise to pay for the district’s art teachers or hire art teachers who work as independent contractors. Rosewood Avenue, Adopt the Arts’ pilot school, will not be able to afford the theater, dance and visual arts classes. Adopt the Arts will be able to help Rosewood “buy” these from the school district. Thanks to donations provided by Matt Sorum’s other philanthropic project, Global Sound Lodge, Rosewood Avenue can now offer keyboards, drums, and guitars, as well as a music room, to students.

For more information on this important work, please see Adopt the Arts.