leonardo dicaprio and the environment
by Michael dEstries
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The latest absurd rumor to come out of the National Enquirer is that Leonardo DiCaprio smells – and it’s ruining his love life with girlfriend Erin Heatherton.

The magazine apparently has a source that says the 37-year-old is shunning both deodorant and regular showers as part of his ode to environmental conservation. He now joins other actors we’ve heard similar things about over the years; including Julia Roberts (true), Justin Timberlake (true), Cloris Leachman (true), Orlando Bloom (rumor), Matthew McConaughey (likely), and the late Steve Jobs (true).

“He only showers a couple of days a week to conserve water and he considers deodorant to be unnatural,” the source explains. “Erin loves him dearly but is starting to feel like Leo loves the environment more than her.”

Even worse, the source claims, Leo misses garbage days – so even though he recycles, the kitchen smells awful.

The National Inquirer goes on to explain that Erin has warned Leo to clean up his trash and hygiene or he may “he may wind up chasing off the woman of his dreams.” Uh huh – right.

Stories like this one should be read for pure amusement only. We’re pretty sure Leo smells just fine.

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  • MBee

    I’ve *never* used deodorants in my life… NEVER. The pores and sweat glands are in your body for a reason, they perform a function as part of a system. It’s a system that we’re still far from understanding completely. So why smear a chemistry lab all over your skin every day as part of a

    Of course, since I don’t use deodorant, I *do* make a habit of showering frequently, usually daily. It’s very possible to save a LOT of water and still shower every day, too. Consider systems that use “grey water” (water from sinks and showers) to fill the flush tanks of your toilets and water non-food gardens. Add a “pause valve” to your shower-head, so you can turn the flow off, or down to a trickle while you soap and scrub, then switch it back on to rinse. Of course, low flow fixtures are a must!