Rosario Dawson talks about clean water and putting a ban on fracking.
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Voto Latino Co-Founder and famed actress Rosario Dawson opened up to MTV on many subjects she is passionate about including water, the environment, and making people aware of their rights and their power. Water and the issue of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) rank high up on Dawson’s list of passionate subjects.

She has recently become involved with Water Defense to tackle the fracking issue taking place along the Delaware River. “We’re trying to keep fracking out of our watersheds and our communities as well as debunk the “clean” natural gas myth,” said Dawson in the interview. She went on to explain, “In its full life cycle, the start to finish of its extraction process, gas is as little as 20% cleaner than coal in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Keeping the world’s water clean is a top priority for the actress. She told MTV that “water is life” and explained that only 1% of the water on our planet is readily available for human consumption. She stressed the problems the world is facing when it comes to clean water- agricultural runoff, toxic pollution, and federal proposals that would lessen clean water standards.

She believes that even though the people of the United States have access to taps and toilets – over 2 billion people in the world do not have access to basic sanitation (ie. A toilet) – that it is not exempt from the problem. “Our water is becoming increasingly polluted and we are getting sicker for it. I and many others are compelled by these facts to do something about it – because we can!” Dawson said.

The star went on to discuss the fracking going on in Pennsylvania and New York. She cites the ongoing problems that are in every state that has accepted fracking like flammable water, children getting sick, and a families having to rely on bottled water for all of their needs.

Dawson asks those who want to get involved and stop fracking to go to to get informed and “save our water.”

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