James Cameron to dive the Challenger Deep
by Michael dEstries
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Finally, after weeks of wondering when – it appears that James Cameron will undertake a solo expedition to a world as alien as the surface of the moon.

The 57-year-old is now approaching the location of the Challenger Deep – the lowest point of the Mariana Trench (some 7 miles deep). National Geographic has confirmed that, weather permitting, he will make the attempt hours from now. A glance at MarineTraffic.com for his ship the Mermaid Sapphire shows that it is moving into position towards the trench.

This is a very exciting moment for anyone with a shred of exploration in their bones.

In a phone interview for National Geographic Friday, Cameron confirmed that his vertical submarine had already made an unmanned trip to the bottom of the Challenger Deep and returned completely unscathed. It’s yet another testament to his level of preparation for such an adventure.

Now the team is just waiting for the “weather gods” to cooperate. If things go according to plan, Cameron will cram his body into a steel sphere some three feet wide and embark on a journey lasting more than nine hours. As we mentioned earlier, to prepare his body physically, the “Avatar” director has been practicing yoga and running several miles a day.

Check out an animation of just how deep Cameron will go below. Fingers crossed on a safe journey – we should know more shortly.

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