Miranda Kerr will host a free yoga class after 500 people pledged to make "I Will If You Will" campaigns.
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Photo: Screenshot Miranda Kerr "I Will If You Will" challenge

Earth Hour 2012 will be held March 31 from 8:30 pm- 9:30 pm. A campaign to raise awareness about the event called “I Will If You Will” has garnered celebrity attention and promotion. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) came up with the idea of Earth Hour in 2006 although the first event did not happen until the following year. WWF wanted to challenge to world to do more than just flick off their lights. It sought to create awarenesss and unite the world in protecting the planet.

The “I Will If You Will” campaign for Earth Hour has gained momentum this year with celebrity support from International Supermodel Miranda Kerr, Russian former WBA heavyweight boxing champion Nikolay Valuev, Celebrity Chef Bill Granger, actress Isabel Lucas, and many more. The campaign idea is that you come up with something that you will do if so many people pledge to do something else.

Miranda Kerr met her goal for the Earth Hour campaign and will now host a free yoga class for the public. Kerr’s challenge was for 500 of her fans to pledge to create their own “I Will If You Will” challenge for the public.

Actress and environmentalist Isabel Lucas pledged to plant 100 trees if 100 people plant one tree. According to Look to the Stars, the Transformers star said of her support, “Earth Hour is an opportunity to come together to support a cause for the greater good of our planet and our whole human family. A moment to feel grateful for the life giving trees, the air we breath, the food and water that nourish us and the beauty of mother nature. I hope Earth Hour inspires us to consider and integrate sustainable ways of living that respect our earth and one another.”

Many people have united to make a change this coming Earth Hour if their dares are met. Some of the “I Will If You Will” campaigns include a person willing to get a tattoo on his back if 10,000 people commit to recycling in 2012, another person will do the Polar Bear swim if 2,000 people agree to pick up trash by the beach, another person has pledged to not speak for 2 weeks if 10,000 promise to go car free for a week, and the challenges just get better from there.

You can view all the “I Will If You Will” campaign challenges at YouTube’s Earth Hour Channel.

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