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Beyonce could possibly be the world's tiniest dogBeyonce could possibly be the world's tiniest dog

WATCH: Is 'Beyonce' the World’s Tiniest Dog?

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First, I’ll give you a moment to fuss over the adorable puppy in the above photo. Seriously, it doesn’t get cuter than that. Now that that’s over, let’s get to her story.

Beyonce, named after the singer and her song “Survivor,” could possibly qualify as the world’s tiniest dog, but it wasn’t an easy feat and quite a story of survival. Thanks goes to Devore Animal Control, who rescued her mother Casey, a dachshund mix, after being abandoned on the streets of San Bernardino, Calif.

Casey was pregnant and scheduled to be spayed and have her babies aborted, but she was too far along for this to happen. According to ABCNews.com, this is a common process for stray pregnant dogs. I guess you could say Casey’s pups saved her life.

The story doesn’t end there. Casey was then going to be euthanized, with her offspring still inside her. The Grace Foundation of Northern California stepped in and rescued the animals, an organization dedicated to saving and rehabilitating abused and neglected animals.

On March 8, Casey gave birth to five babies, one of which was extremely small, Beyonce.

“She was not breathing. Her heart was not pumping,” Jeanne Warr, the Grace Foundation’s director of operations, told ABCNews.com. “Dr. Michael Russell did some little chest compressions on her and Beth DeCaprio [the Grace Foundation’s executive director], gave her mouth-to-mouth … and she made it.”

At a day old, Beyonce could fit in a tablespoon and now at two weeks, she is almost as big as an iPhone. That doesn’t seem possible, does it? The Grace Foundation has even contacted the Guinness World Records to see if Beyonce is the tiniest pup in the world.

Casey, Beyonce and her siblings will all be up for adoption in about six weeks.

For more perspective on just how tiny Beyonce is, here is a photo “Good Morning America” news anchor George Stephanopoulos tweeted. It will make your heart melt.

George Stephanopoulos holds Beyonce the world's tiniest pup

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