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Recent outcries among youth over the Trayvon Martin case in Florida and the mass “Occupy” movements of the past few months seem to dispel the theory that today’s young people are unengaged. However, comparisons to the political activism of their Vietnam-era predecessors no doubt show that the Iraq war generation’s social dissent is less visible, but why is this the case? Actor Ryan Gosling seeks to answer that question in the new documentary “ReGeneration” which he both produced and narrated.

The trailer for the film was released earlier this week, and outlines a story that explores how factors such as media, education, and parenting have contributed to an overall cynicism among today’s teens and young adults.

Featuring interviews with discussion-makers like Talib Kweli and Noam Chomsky, the documentary covers not only how the perception of today’s “me” generation was created, but also profiles groups that are doing something to combat the stereotype. Musicians Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) who are trying to achieve success without the help of corporate labels and various journalists and activists from across the country that are attempting to activate young people today are all included in the film.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in December, director Phillip Montgomery was quoted as saying, “The very moment we started exploring the subject of apathy in today’s youth, we knew there was something in the air. While cynicism prevailed in the national dialogue toward social and political causes, the youth was telling us something very different. Their voice was one of hope. The world has shown this to be true, from Iran, the Arab Spring, to Wisconsin, and now the world-wide ‘Occupy’ movement. This is such an electrifying time in our culture and we are so excited to partner with Red Flag to expand the reach of the film. Together it is our hope that ReGeneration will serve as a call to action as the groundswell of activism grows.”

This sentiment is well reflected in the trailer, which closes with Gosling asking, “What is left of today’s generation to deal with today’s issues? Will we even try?”

“ReGeneration” is scheduled for limited release in May. Check out the full trailer below.

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