Discovery releases trailer for the spinoff series 'Whale Wars: Viking Shores'
by Jennifer Mishler
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Photo: Animal Planet

Discovery recently announced an April 27 premiere date for Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars: Viking Shores.” If you aren’t one of the lucky few who have seen a preview of the series, you might be excited to check out this brand new trailer.

The show, a spinoff of the very popular Whale Wars, will follow Sea Shepherd’s Faroe Islands campaign against the pilot whale slaughter known as “the Grind.”As Discovery’s press release states, there is a long history between the people of the Faroe Islands and Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson, who has been opposing the Grind since 1986. Watson says, “Justice takes precedence over the law. No law that [the Faroese] can pass is going to justify what they’re doing to those whales. We have to constantly remind the Faroese that the outside world is watching them.” Marnar Andreasen, Grind Foreman, has responded, “We kill big whales, so Paul Watson is not a problem. The problem is [the Sea Shepherds] never hear it from our side.”

The volunteer crew were on land, sea and in the air during the campaign Sea Shepherd called “Operation Ferocious Isles.” Discovery writes, “For the first time in the history of the “Whale Wars” saga, the Sea Shepherds are not only at sea but also deploying a covert team to patrol the streets, interact with locals and carry out undercover missions…A grind can happen at any moment, and the Sea Shepherds are vastly outnumbered and behind enemy lines in a new kind of face-to-face battle.”

Check out the brand new trailer for “Whale Wars: Viking Shores” below. While I hope there’s no longer any need for these campaigns to continue soon, I have to admit it’s a little exciting to hear “The world is a vampire…” at the end of this trailer.

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  • Joey

    It’s amazing that SSCS is allowed to get tax free donations in the US. What the heck is that about? Tax free so that Paul can go beat his chest within the sovereign waters of another country? We should change the laws here to disallow him doing that with our TAX DOLLARS!

    Paul, I see you here all the time – are you man enough to comment on that? Defend your tax status.

    I didn’t think so.

  • Eiji Nakano

    SSCS never be successful in faroe island. Typical case was last year. No harvest during SSCS stay in Faroe. Therefore this TV progeam will be made old video and SSCS shilly day dream.

  • Eiji Nakano

    But at least you donot have right to decide roght or wrong.

  • Eiji Nakano

    Demnark Navy check SSCS all time and coward SSCS did nothing.

  • Eiji Nakano

    SSCS never stop any whaling or hunting. Norway, Iceland, Japan, Faroe, and Canada.

  • Eiji Nakano

    I guess Faroe people is not dcared by PW and SSCS. And pilot whale is clever enough to avoid giving good video to SSCS and AP. Last time SSCS are just scared by Denmark Navy and PW just enjyo checken plate in Faroe island.

  • A Faroe Islander

    Let me say 1 thing folks.

    There where NO WHALES in the Faroe Island when Paul Watson was there during the summer.

    They came after.

    He prob. stole the photos and vids somewhere of the whales.

  • norm

    i think im gonna go join the faroese ppl just to beat up on paul and his vegan fruit loops………..all the money they spend could be used to help people, not damn whales……just look at the idiots on the boat with paul………….you can tell none of them have ever had experence doing anything that takes a brain………all you ppl out there watch out for paul and his goobers at your local pond or fishing hole running off the turtles and worms………..get a real life paul and his comet followers