Amy Smart has teamed with the ASPCA and PetArmor to create affordable pet health care.
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Actress Amy Smart already has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the greenest stars in Hollywood. And now she’s becoming known for her pet-loving ways, too.

After a recent survey found that more than a third of dog owners can’t afford preventative care to keep their pet safe, Smart jumped at the chance to improve that statistic.

To do so, she partnered with the ASPCA and PetArmor, a generic (and therefore lower cost) flea and tick treatment, to help offer affordable pet care to animals in need — especially those in shelters. Called the PetArmor Protection Promise, this new initiative will treat 20,000 ASPCA shelter pets.

“When I got the opportunity to team up with [the] ASPCA and PetArmor, I loved that they’re giving affordable health care to pets now and pet owners can now afford to treat their animals. And on top of that, up to 20,000 treatments they’re donating to ASPCA shelter animals. So, the animals in the shelter are really benefiting from this initiative,” says Smart.

The project is especially important to Smart, who is a pet owner herself (to dogs Oscar and Slim, and cats Yogi and Nala); she considers a family incomplete if there aren’t pets in the home.

“I always grew up having dogs and I had a cockatiel my whole childhood. I was never allowed to have cats growing up because my grandmother was allergic, so as soon as I moved out, I got two kittens and now they’re 16. To me a family is having animals in it, so I couldn’t imagine not having animals. It’s a constant reminder of what matters, just the pure simplicity of sharing love with another being,” she says.

And when it comes to bringing home a new member of the household, Smart advocates for shelter rescue over breeders all the way.

She says, “I would say, if you’re looking for an animal, always start at the shelter. There are the most incredible animals there; they’re so diverse. If you didn’t find an animal at one shelter, there are so many other shelters in one city. Sometimes people want breeds, and I get that, but you can find a lot of breeds in the shelters.”

To participate in the PetArmor Protection Promise, head over the Facebook page, and like the initiative. This will ensure a treatment donation to a needy animal. But act fast — according to the page, the initiative only lasts through May!

PetArmor® Protection Promise from MultiVu Video on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /

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