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Ali MacGraw Calls for an End to Horse Slaughter and Transport

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When the slaughter of horses for human consumption was re-legalized in the US last year, public outrage was immediate. 70% of Americans oppose the slaughter of horses, and Obama had even made a campaign promise to permanently ban it along with the transport of horses for slaughter, but proceeded to sign the bill re-legalizing it after a long-time ban. That sounds similar to his campaign promise to protect whales, which was followed by attempts to re-legalize commercial whaling, but I digress…

In the midst of the public outcry, PETA took a controversial stance in “support” of the re-legalization. They said that while horse slaughter was illegal in the United States, the horses were still routinely being transported in horrible conditions into Canada and Mexico to be sold and slaughtered there. PETA said that while they do not support horse slaughter, the re-legalization would stop the long-distance transport for now, and what is needed is a law that would close the transport loophole.

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011 would ban both the slaughter of horses for food in the US and transport to other countries for slaughter, and PETA is urging Congress to support it. Now, actress Ali MacGraw has joined in the campaign and written a letter to her friend and senator Tom Udall about the bill.

“As your constituent and on behalf of everyone who loves horses and despises inhumane treatment of them, thank you for your immediate reaction to the cruelty rampant in the horse-racing industry. There is one additional thing that I would beg you to do: Please, lend your support to the critical American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011 immediately,” MacGraw writes. She adds that the act “would outlaw not only horse slaughter in the U.S. but also the transport of horses for slaughter elsewhere. It would effectively end the use of U.S. horses for food,” and tells Senator Udall, “If you throw your weight behind this bill, it will succeed.”

PETA also provides a page to contact your represenatives about the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, which MacGraw writes will create “enormous improvement in the welfare of neglected and forgotten horses.”


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