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Matt Damon, actor and advocate for clean water, will star in the new anti-fracking film “Promised Land.” Filming will begin later this month on the movie that focuses on the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing.

The “Good Will Hunting” star co-wrote the film with actor John Krasinski, based on a draft written by Dave Eggers who wrote the screenplay for “Where the Wild Things Are.” Damon and the rest of the cast will be directed by Gus Van Sant (“Good Will Hunting”).

“Promised Land” will have Damon and Krasinski starring “as rival corporate executives, with the former thesp playing a character whose life is thrown into disarray after he arrives in a small town,” according to Variety. IMDB doesn’t say much about the anti-fracking film. One can guess that it might be a plot designed around the people Dimock, Pennsylvania who have been at the heart of the fracking controversy sweeping over the nation.

Dimock, Pennsylvania residents have been without clean water since 2008. The only way they have had clean water at times was to have it delivered to them by the drilling company, the Environmental Protection Agency, or by the generosity of others. Fracking has been labeled as the cause of these residents not being able to have clean water.

According to ProPublica, EPA water tests revealed “dangerous quantities of methane gas” and “dozens of other contaminants, including low levels of chemicals known to cause cancer.”

While environmentalists are stoked that a new anti-fracking film will have Matt Damon’s backing and bring in new fans because of his star power, others who are pro-fracking are not excited about the film. FrackNation, a pro-fracking film attempting to get backing through KickStarter, made the announcement about Damon’s new film.

The post on FrackNation’s KickStarter page reads, “It will not be easy getting the message out with a sequel to Gasland in the works and now a big budget Hollywood movie concentrating on scare stories rather than true stories. Now, we recognize Hollywood movies don’t have to be truthful – they just have to be entertaining, but it’s likely that PROMISED LAND will increase unfounded concerns about fracking.”

Damon has already argued that the fracking concerns are not “unfounded” and has worked to prevent risky natural gas drilling to keep New York’s water clean.

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  • Paulita Abou-Aly

    We know the gas and oil industries have very good public relations and will spend tons of money to get their ‘feel good message’ out to us. Some will not believe the truth even if it happend the next town over. What a shame for those who are in the middle of the environmental fracturing nightmare. There are those who would rather they die before the truth gets out to the rest of us before we all suffer the silence.