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Campaign launched to get 22 U.S. hospitals to remove McDonald'sCampaign launched to get 22 U.S. hospitals to remove McDonald's

Campaign Launched to Get McDonald's Out of Hospitals

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McDonald’s is everywhere. I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can’t go very far without seeing one of the fast food giant’s stores, but you may not know that even in a hospital you can get a Big Mac and fries.

Twenty-two hospitals in the United States currently have a McDonald’s inside – really! Vegan.com, which calls the situation “absolutely shameful, and a great embarrassment to the hospitals and to McDonald’s alike,” reports that 7 of the 22 hospitals are for children.

According to a press release, Corporate Accountability International has teamed up with medical professionals in an effort to get the hospitals to ditch McD’s, part of their larger Value [the] Meal campaign.

“Every day, parents, children, and health professionals turn to your institution for advice on well-being, for support in preventing and treating illness, and for sustaining a healthy community. As a hospital, you serve as a local authority on health, and as such, the community you serve looks to you and to your environment as a guide for their wellbeing. However, in your role as a local health leader, you have allowed McDonald’s—a corporation that has disregarded public health in the name of profits—to operate within an environment devoted to helping our children get well,” writes Sara Deon, Value [the] Meal campaign director, writes in her letter to the hospitals.

She adds, “A 2006 study published in Pediatrics concluded that by allowing a McDonald’s store to operate inside your facility, you are not just affecting hospital guests’ consumption on the day of their visit, but you are unintentionally boosting your guests’ perception of the “healthfulness” of McDonald’s food. In other words, your hospital is being used as part of McDonald’s comprehensive marketing strategy, a strategy that is clearly inconsistent with your goals as a health institution.”

Dr. Francine Kaufman of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, one of the 22 hospitals, has spoken out too. “Kids are being treated for diet-related conditions like diabetes on one floor in the hospital and given the wrong message by being offered the world’s most recognized junk food brand on another floor in the hospital. The practice earns McDonald’s an undeserved association with healthfulness among parents and children alike…and it should be curtailed,” she said.

The Value [the] Meal campaign also asks fast food companies like McDonald’s to stop marketing to children, provide information about the health risks of their food, reduce health risks, and contribute health care costs of diet-related illnesses, among other efforts.

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  • DiaK

    At the least, I hope this will encourage McDonald’s to serve more healthy food! Oatmeal is a great start. Raw apples, too. And salad. Isn’t it time to add some beans to your menu? Kids love quesadillas and raw baby carrots. (E2 has the BEST recipe for Black Bean Spread)

  • rocks

    McDonalds is evil. There is a MDs inside Tampa General Hospital and they are literally blackmailing them. People have tried to get them to remove MDs, but MDs says that if the restaurant goes, then so does the “Ronald McDonald House” next door that allows sick kids families to stay close for low cost (or free im not sure). Apparently, unless they are getting PR from the hospital and money from sick people there is no incentive to help. Its enough to make you puke (even if you havn’t eaten mcdonalds!)

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