The movement to ban New York City’s horse carriages continues to gain momentum and support. With the images of several horses collapsing in the streets of Manhattan hitting the news, more and more people seem to be calling on the city to put an end to the industry.

NYCLASS is one of the organizations campaigning for a ban, and they’ve been joined by a list of celebrity supporters including Lea Michele, Anjelica Huston, and Kristin Chenoweth. Now, Chelsea Handler has joined them and sent a letter to Mayor Mike Bloomberg about replacing the horse-drawn carriages with a horseless and environmentally-friendly alternative.

The comedian and host of “Chelsea Lately” writes, “You’re a man who has money and I’m a woman who loves money so I wanted to let you know that I’m donating $15,000 to a cause you don’t believe in — yet. Animal advocacy group, NYCLASS, is working to replace the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park with a safer alternative that doesn’t smell bad: an eco-friendly 21st century horseless carriage. This green car will be an authentic turn-of-the-century replica that will promote tourism, save jobs and keep the horses out of harm’s way.”

Handler, who talked about the campaign with actress Kathy Najimy on her show this week, also contributed a donation to the building of the horseless carriages. “NYCLASS is working to get a prototype of the car made this year and my contribution is going to help pay for building it. If I didn’t have a wildly successful career in television and entertainment, I’d be chomping at the bit to work full time on getting this car built. But since I’ve got a talk show, I’ll write a check and do my part that way.” She adds, “As if they weren’t fabulous enough, they also get a 10 to 12 hour drive on just one charge — even my vibrator doesn’t do that,” she writes.

Here’s hoping Mayor Bloomberg reads this letter with a sense of humor, and compassion. Although, he did recently respond to pleas for a ban following the death of a carriage horse in the street by saying that the horses are “lucky to have a job” because they’d be dead if they didn’t. Animal advocates argue that many of the horses are, in fact, ending up dead, and if the carriages are banned organizations are willing to help relocate the horses to sanctuaries and homes.

Handler and NYCLASS are urging the mayor to support City Council Intro. 86A which would phase out the horse-drawn carriages and replace them with the new vehicles. You can make a donation to the creation of the eco-friendly, horseless carriages, and add your name to Chelsea’s letter.

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