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Just a few weeks ago Kim Kardashian was targeted by a PETA activist who flour bombed the celebrity at a red carpet event. Kardashian was quick to defend her right to wear fur and call out the activist for hypocrisy. She told Ann Curry, “It’s just a little odd to me that their whole message is non-violence toward animals yet they’re being violent toward humans. I don’t think assualting someone is appropriate at all.”

Animal rights activists have not left the Kardashian’s alone since the flour bombing. Instead anti-fur protestors have used the incident to gain momentum in order to persuade the celebrity to stop wearing and selling fur. Over the weekend, members of the animals’ rights group, Last Chance for Animals, took to protesting outside of DASH, a store owned by all three Kardashian sisters, because they believed that the store was still selling fur.

Activists signs read “How Many Animals Are Killed for KIM K’s Vanity” and “I Only Shop Fur Free.” Numerous nastygrams and tweets were sent to Kim and her sisters about fur. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian responded to the nasty tweets saying “We don’t sell fur at DASH.” But it seems the protestors are not protesting the store but the people associated with the store because of the actions of Khloe Kardashian, Kim’s sister.

After the flour bombing incident Khloe pulled her support for PETA because she didn’t think assault was the right way to get the message out. The sisters may disagree about fur and animal rights but they seem to be unanimous in agreeing that assaulting Kim with flour is not the way to address the issue.

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