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Ian Somerhalder wants his character on "The Vampire Diaries" to be an eco-friendly vampire.Ian Somerhalder wants his character on "The Vampire Diaries" to be an eco-friendly vampire.

Ian Somerhalder Wants Damon Salvatore to Go Green

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He already does more than his fair share to make the world a greener place, and now Ian Somerhalder is ready to take his activism to another realm — the TV!

The actor says that it’s time for Damon Salvatore, the neck-biting character he plays on “The Vampire Diaries,” to go green. He points out that the show’s set is eco-friendly and utilizes compostable bowls and flatware, and now he’s ready for his character to follow suit.

For starters, Somerhalder says that Damon needs to rethink his ride, a 1967 Camaro (remember when Damon and Elena took it road tripping to Atlanta?). He told E! News that Damon should upgrade to something sexy and eco-friendly, like a Fisker Karma.

“The Camaro is a cool car, but you stand behind the exhaust too long and you get sick,” Somerhalder says. “Damon has a lot of means to get the car. It looks like a Camaro, but it’s bigger and more beautiful and it’s completely green. It’s electric for the first 50 miles! You’ll have to fill your tank like two times a year!”

While the thought of Damon worrying about the planet might seem a little out of character at first, Somerhalder’s reasons for the vampire going green actually make a lot of sense.

“You have this guy who’s lived almost two centuries,” he said. “And he realizes, I’m stuck here for the next millennium. I’ve watched the degradation of our earth and our planet, watched the population grow. I have to be around for the next thousand years, I might as well take care of the place. Plus, this car is as sexy as hell.”

Of course, Damon is TVD’s resident bad boy, so not all of his green initiatives are going people-friendly, even if they do benefit the planet. “Damon eats people,” Somerhalder points out. “It’s like population control.”

What do you think? Are you ready to see eco-activism become the next character arc for Damon? Or does he have his hands full with his contant pursuit of Elena and his fight against the Originals?

Photo Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

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  • Guest

    Damon could upgrade to something “greener”, the Fisker looks good. As long as they don’t try to make him drive a Prius or something retarded like that.

  • Lady_in_white

    I’m sure, Ian is a very kind, smart and generous person, with a strong personality. He is my inspiration in many good things. Don’t change Ian! I need you 🙂

  • Evolver EF

    I would love to see Damon go green and Ian’s reasons for it were the same ones I was thinking before I got to the bottom of the article.

  • Ook mais gato que este não existe S2

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