The Playboy Bunny speaks up in favor of a vegetarian lifestyle.
by China DeSpain
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Photo: PETA

Easter may have come and gone, but PETA is working hard to keep bunnies in the news.

The animal rights organization has enlisted the help of Playboy bunny and animal advocate Sheridyn Fisher for their latest celeb ad. In a new Spring-themed campaign, the Australian model poses in a lettuce bikini and bunny ears (perhaps the classic Playboy bunny costume?) with the tagline, “Be a Bunny’s Honey. Go Vegetarian.”

“Easter is the perfect time to help bunnies – and pigs, chickens, cows and other animals – simply by choosing not to eat them,” says Fisher. “Vegetarian meals are healthy, humane and helpful to the environment, so they’re something everybunny can enjoy.”

This is not Fisher’s first foray into the animal activism arena. She’s also a partner in conservation for the World Wildlife Fund and supports a number of animal charities, including the RSPCA and Animals Australia.

Her new campaign is featured on the PETA site, where the benefits of a vegetarian diet are further explained. “Not only are vegetarians fitter and trimmer, on average, than meat-eaters are, they also have a lower risk of heart attacks, cancer, strokes and obesity,” it reads. “And vegetarian diets are good for the environment, too: researchers at the University of Chicago concluded that switching from a standard meat-based diet to one free of animal products is more effective in the fight against climate change than changing from an ordinary car to a hybrid.”

And if all that isn’t enough to convince you of the health benefits of a veg diet, take a look at Fisher’s full ad. Her figure alone should be enough to persuade even the most diehard meat eater that a vegetarian diet is good for the body (and the soul).

Sheridyn Fisher's new PETA ad is proof that a vegetarian diet leads to a great-looking body.

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