HSUS, Humane Society International and LUSH Cosmetics launch global campaign against cosmetics animal testing.
by Jennifer Mishler
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Recently, we wrote about Ricky Gervais helping to launch Cruelty Free International, a campaign by BUAV against animal testing for cosmetic products.

Today, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Humane Society International (HSI) and LUSH Cosmetics unveiled Fighting Animal Testing, a new anti-cosmetics animal testing campaign. According to a press release from LUSH, the campaign is the largest of its kind and has launched in 48 countries and over 700 LUSH stores in the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand. Along with working with lawmakers, regulators and researchers, the organizations will be encouraging consumers to buy cruelty-free products and sign the campaign petition. Petitions will also be available to sign in person at LUSH locations.

“The beauty industry continues needless animal testing and it’s time for it to stop. Consumers are largely unaware that some shampoos and lipsticks still involve chemical poisoning of animals such as rabbits and mice. Science has moved us beyond this and there is no place for cosmetic testing on animals in modern society,” said Kate Willett, Director of Regulatory Toxicology, Risk Assessment and Alternatives for HSUS.

The organizations emphasize that while U.S. companies must make sure that their cosmetic products are safe to use, U.S. law does not require them to be tested on animals. Europe has already banned animal testing for cosmetics, and a European ban on the import of animal-tested cosmetics is expected to begin in 2013.

Brandi Halls, LUSH’s North American Campaign Manager adds, “Animals should not have to rely on voluntary codes of conduct but should be protected by robust laws that force all companies to adopt humane methods to bring their products to market.”

LUSH, HSUS and HSI state that not only are these animal tests cruel, causing animals to suffer “considerable pain and distress during toxicity tests,” but are also unreliable measures of safety for consumers because humans often respond differently to the same chemicals. They also point out that many of the animals are rodents bred in labs and are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act.

LUSH also states that their products are not tested on animals and the ingredients they buy are from companies that do not commission animal tests. “Our extremely strict policy against animal testing is unique, and we want our peers in the cosmetics industry to adopt the same stance. We encourage you to boycott cosmetics companies that engage in animal testing. As the customer, you have the power to change their policies; you provide the demand, and if enough people speak out, they’ll have to comply in order to retain their business,” says LUSH.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647894803 Lieveke Koelma

    I thought LUSH use animal fat in their soaps? which is why I stopped buying from them years ago, have they switched to no animal ingredients???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1203456841 DanielleVegan Legg

    Hi there Lieveke, I’m not sure which soaps you think have animal fat, but I can tell you that all of the soaps in the store are vegan, those that aren’t, are not because of honey, not because of animal fat. If you’re ever in doubt about any Lush Product, ever, you know you can check out the Lush-O-Pedia, there you’ll find everything you need to know about the products you love. Maybe even find something new you’d like to try. Animal fat is NOT in Lush Products.

  • felisdarkmoon

    The laboratories have other methods like chemical reagents and special computer prognosing, based on learning from tests made from years. Toxical test on animals are many steps before human control group who test only quality of the finished product. Is boring to check every company before to try something new, but its not big deal I make it from many years. Not all EU companies are stopped testing so check it carefully before to buy! I hope soon this to be in past! So many technology help this to happen but companies retard it to save money.