Paltrow doesn't like to walk?
by Michael dEstries
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The New York Post has a bit of gossip this morning over Mrs. Goop and her husband Chris Martin electing to jump in a car for a 10-second ride to a restaurant, rather than walk a little over a 1/2 mile a short distance to the venue.

“It’s a short walk,” their source said. “Also at the dinner was Gwyneth [who has starred in green public- service announcements] with husband Chris Martin — except they left the party in a gas-guzzling Town Car, were chauffeured a few feet and got out at the restaurant that was pretty much next door to the party.”

A majority of guests (which included Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Jane Fonda) chose to walk from the Stella McCartney party (to celebrate her father’s directorial debut for his new song “My Valentine”) to the Madeo eatery.

Perhaps she was in heels? Ladies: weigh in. Would you honestly walk .06 miles to a restaurant? That seems a trivial distance to me, but perhaps I’m missing something.

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  • Anonymous

    There’s something about her that has always bugged me, perhaps it’s this kind of thing. Of course it’s ridiculous not to walk (unless there’s some good reason they were unable to walk that I don’t know about) but no excuse for a Town Car.

  • Mandi Coyne

    It seems ridiculous to me to not just walk that short distance. Even in heels that just seems lazy…

  • Alena Metz

    I can only see it if she had on heels that were utterly killing her feet. However, I’m the kind of gal that would just take the heels off to make the walk and then put them back on once I got to where I was going. The main reason I don’t wear heels. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks AShley – I blame a lack of coffee on that one.