Bill Maher wants to help polar bears
by Kelly Keltner
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Bill Maher has taken on many a political topic, from health care to religion and now, polar bears. This morning, Maher tweeted: “Protect polar bears and other live things from this outrageous bullshit!”

What is this “outrageous bullshit?” It’s the “Sportsmen’s Heritage Act of 2012″ and the law seeks to open the majority of public lands to hunting, allow certain wealthy hunters to import polar bear “trophies” from Canada and bind the hands of the EPA from protecting the habitats of animals and people from lead poisoning through toxic ammunition exposure.

This isn’t the first time that Maher has been outspoken about environmental issues. In 2010, Bill Maher declared global warming the “ultimate health care issue” on his HBO series, “Real Time.” And if that isn’t direct enough for you, in 2009, Maher said that climate change skeptics were “so stupid,” they made him “question evolution.”

Maher’s latest environmentally-centric outrage comes on the heels of the U.S. House of Representatives passing the “Sportsmen’s Heritage Act” earlier this week. As the bill goes forward to the Senate, Maher and the Humane Society of the United States, who Maher tagged in his tweet, hope that concerned citizens will contact their senators and urge them to oppose the bill.

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  • Laurie Myrick

    Finally, a voice of reason! I am not anti-hunting, I am anti-bullshit hunting. Quit lying and making excuses as to WHY people hunt. Stop pretending you are protecting herds, thinning populations and all the other bullshit stories. I am a wildlife rehabber and in my state, they claim hunting is their ‘heritage’ and their ‘right’. The wildlife belongs to ALL of us, not just those who purchase a hunting license every year!!! Stand up for your native wildlife and tell your state that YOUR voice counts too. End senseless, unnecessary animal murders by making your voice heard against trapping, canned hunting, coyote round-ups, coon hunting, etc. That has NOTHING to do with ‘heritage’ or ‘rights’!!! Training your dog to mutilate raccoons is NOT a sport. I’m pretty sure the raccoons don’t enjoy it and unless you are going to consume what you kill, you shouldn’t be allowed to kill it. Please help stop this bill in it’s tracks!!! Assert YOUR rights as a tax paying citizen to save the wildlife for all generations, now THAT is heritage!

    • Katherine McGill

      Well said. Gun ownership is a right; Hunting is NOT. That line really needs clarified. The tiny special interest minority pushing this “Act” has no right to shove their agenda down our throats and shame on our Congress for allowing this.

      The sportsmen vs public contribution to conservation is not as one sided as they tout. Every tag sold, every animal killed (since this fraternity took over our wildlife) has been a public contribution! We all seem to forget that. And 80% of the gun tax fund, unlike 1937, now originates from NON-hunting weapons – yet every dime of the over $700 million a year is spent promoting hunting to fund the budget of a dying sport that still pays 1950 prices to “recreate”.
      Congress sold-out our natural resource; the Senate had better rectify this.