Lea Michele talks about animal rights and supporting PETA in Seventeen magazine.
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Her TV show might be lighthearted and fun, but in real life, Lea Michele works hard to promote the causes that are important to her, including animal rights.

Michele is an outspoken animal supporter. She’s a proud vegan and has worked hard to ban carriage horses in NYC. Now she’s hoping to share her message of compassion with teenage girls.

In the May issue of Seventeen magazine, the “Glee” actress talks about animal rights, her work with PETA, and the importance of taking care of stray animals.

“I’m a huge animal lover, and it makes me so sad to see homeless animals suffering. Since animals can’t speak up for themselves, it’s our job to protect them. That’s why I’ve been supporting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for the past four years. It all started with me simply going to peta.org and writing in the comment box that I wanted to help. The next day, PETA contacted me with a list of campaigns I could join!” she says.

She also explains how easy it is for teens (and anyone, really!) to spread the word about animal rights — all you have to do is use your social media.

“There are so many ways to help. You can use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to encourage people to bring strays to animal shelters where they’ll be cared for properly. Or you can adopt them like I did!”

The spread also features other ways to get involved in animal activism, including tips on pet adoption, how to join PETA’s street team, and suggestions for volunteering at animal shelters.

This kind of compassion is really something to sing about!

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  • Victorispunk

    you must be reading allot of bull lately from the Center of Cusumer freedom Aka lobby group for corporations against animal rights :P

    • guest

      Please post the address of the PETA Pet Adoption center?