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Mayim Bialik Chats Up Her Vegan Lifestyle on Twitter

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Mayim Bialik, actress from the hit television show “The Big Bang Theory”, has recently been aflutter about her love of her vegan lifestyle on Twitter. Using the #vegnewschat hashtag, Bialik expressed how proud she is to be vegan, and even how annoying it is when fellow celebrities rebound back to meat after claiming veganism.

With a husband and kids to take care of, Bialik provides healthy and diverse nutrition while keeping her food green and animal-free. She tweeted in the Veg News thread, “i believe it’s best for my sons’ growing bodies to be vegan. abundant vitamins, minerals, ethics; all good!” In addition to teaching her kids to be conscientious about their food choices, she wants people from other celebrities to her followers to embrace a vegan lifestyle.

Bialik tweeted saying, “celebs ‘quitting’ being vegan for untrue medical reasons (‘can’t pregnant’) is very annoying.” A lot of celebrities who were once publicly vegan have switched back to either a vegetarian or omnivorous diet. Natalie Portman who was famously vegan switched to vegetarianism after she began having cravings for dairy and eggs during her pregnancy. Emily Deschanel and Alicia Silverstone stayed true to their vegan ways.

Mayim tweeted, “omnis can and do have fine pregnancies but so can vegans!” Even the doctor she sees is vegan. Bialik takes her food choices seriously, and her confidence with veganism shows on her Twitter page.

The conditions of factory farms and the treatment of the animals used to feed America keep Bialik animal-free. She tweeted, “not so hard. when i feel stressed by the limitations, i literally picture a factory farm and it feels SOOOO easy!”

Mayim Bialik isn’t just a successful actress. She has a PhD in neuroscience, and her choices about vegan food are shared with all of her Twitter followers. From recipes to debating vegan-related health issues, Mayim Bialik reaches out to her fans and shares important information about becoming vegan. Her Twitter page has become palace for her to share her favorite foods, jokes, and how to keep strong. Her thoughts inspire others, and if a vegan needs a word of advice, her page will always be there.

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  • Kele

    Alicia Silverstone stays true to veganism… unless she’s drunk at a party and there’s a cheese tray. Ugh. From your own website: http://ecorazzi.com/2010/11/11/alicia-silverstone-admits-she-cheats-sometimes-on-vegan-diet/

    Other than the fact that great vegan groups keep praising her (because dropping your personal ethics while intoxicated is a great image to sell), this was a great article to see!

    • kindness for all

      I don’t know Alicia but her sincerity and commitment seem pretty clear to me. Through her book, website and TV appearances she has encouraged large numbers of people to change their lifestyle and has therefore probably saved millions of animals. I think she was trying to show people not to give up on the idea if they can’t be consistent all the time. What really counts for the animals is influencing people to change: the more people you influence, the more animals are saved. All or nothing thinking usually ends up being counterproductive and hurting animals. Kudos to Alicia.

    • vegangirl

      That’s not actually what she meant when she said/wrote that, so you’ve missed the point entirely. She’s trying to say to anyone thinking of a vegan diet that being vegan IS the way to go but to not beat yourself up if you slip up once in a while, we’re all human and it’s okay to try things again and hopefully discover that it’s not as good as you remember, you don’t feel good afterwards and you really don’t need to still be eating it. She doesn’t buy cheese herself but it’s nice for some people to hear that even celebrities might have the urge at a party to sample something they use to eat all the time. I think she is trying to reach out to people who are worried that it’s an all or nothing mentality, where as even being 99% vegan is still amazing and a good thing. She has done so much for the vegan image and community, I think your comments are a little harsh.

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