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How We Here at Ecorazzi Treat Every Day Like Earth Day

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We here at Ecorazzi are, as you might imagine, big fans of Earth Day. In fact, we love it so much that we celebrate it every day of the year. We thought today would be a perfect day to share with you how we show our commitment to the earth and all its inhabitants.

Rebecca Carter, Co-Founder of Ecorazzi

Right now my focus is all about food. It’s a health thing, but it’s also an Earth thing. I’ve recently started a local group called Nourish Miami, whose focus is “Real Food” and building a connection to our food for our children. We talk about things like if the fruits and vegetables we are eating grown on trees, vines, or in the ground. These city kids are little, but we are showing them that food doesn’t come from a store, it comes from the earth.

Michael d’Estries, Co-Founder of Ecorazzi

For me, the biggest thing I do daily is separating my organic waste from the trash bin. It’s estimated that up to 30% of our garbage is compostable; a resource that otherwise would be sent straight to the landfill.

To get started, Amazon has a number of “smell free”, attractive kitchen compost pails to snag, as well as books and compact bins for outside. I’ve especially enjoyed the how-to “Let It Rot” that quickly explains the ins and outs of breaking down organic waste and throwing it into your garden or flower bed. Good luck – and don’t throw out those coffee grinds!

Ali Berman, Senior Editor

Being green affects how my husband and I do just about everything in our house. Here are a few of the things we like to do to help ease the burden of our very hard working planet. We: eat a vegan diet, buy clothing at thrift stores, grow our own vegetables (organic), compost, use eco-friendly cleaners and old rags to clean our house, turn the lights off in any room we’re not using, unplug appliances after each use, do our laundry in cold water, always use reusable bags and water bottles(drink tap!), buy furniture at estate sales and antique stores, buy local, and support small eco-friendly companies any chance we get.

China DeSpain Freeman, Contributor

I stay green by making small efforts every day, as opposed to grand gestures. I use reusable shopping and produce bags at the grocery store. I drive a hybrid, and try to consolidate my errands into as few trips as possible. I stick to a meatless diet, recycle every week, and feed fruit and vegetable scraps to the local deer population, rather than trashing them. I try to buy products from companies that support green business practices, and read books on my iPad to cut down on paper usage. All these little things can add up to big change, especially if we all do them!

Jennifer Schulz, Special Projects

How do I stay green in my day to day life? By eating lots of GREENS! Eating a plant-based diet is the most important thing a person can do to help the environment. The livestock sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the planet’s transportation methods combined (planes, trains, and automobiles!). It is a major source of air pollution, land, and water degradation. In addition to skipping animal products, I recycle materials, bring reusable bags to the grocery store, pay bills online, utilize high efficiency light bulbs, and unplug infrequently-used appliances in our home.

Linda St.Cyr, Contributor

My family tries to celebrate Earth Day every day. We have planted trees in our yard and last year we went with the Cub Scouts to clean up hiking trails in our area. We also planted more trees in the forest after we had cleaned up the garbage. This year we are working on creating a small garden for vegetables that will be completely organic. We buy locally as much as we can and are frequently at the Farmer’s Market in spring, summer and fall buying goods that were made at the farms right down the street from us. We know how important the Earth is to us and are doing our best to make it a better place in all the small ways we can because those small ways have huge impacts.

Shawna Frechette, Newsletter Editor

I stay green by eating vegan! My husband and I started as vegetarians and moved to veganism about 3 years ago. In addition to cutting out animal products, we always try to buy organic and local to support our community. Outside of our diet, we try to be conscious of all our actions to reduce our carbon footprint, even the little things – walking instead of driving, recycling, turning off lights when we’re not in the house, and buying eco-friendly products when possible!

You’ve now heard from us. We’d like to hear from you. What do you do to help make a difference for the planet during those other 364 days?

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