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In a powerfully articulate statement to the Huffington Post, actor and UN Ambassador for Biodiversity Edward Norton proclaimed that Earth Day “Isn’t About Tree-Hugging Anymore, It’s About the Way We Live.” Them is fighting words, so to speak.

It turns out, a love of Mother Nature runs in the family. During the 1980s, Norton’s father was head of public policy for the Wilderness Society. His father’s main accomplishment, Norton explains, has been to infuse “legal acumen” into a movement that been “anchored in emotional appeal from the days of John Muir through to David Brower.”

Norton believes that every generation is “called in different ways to a higher purpose.” His grandparents fought against fascism, and his parents fought for civil rights. At 42 years old, Edward Norton believes that it is the higher purpose of his generation to protect the health of the planet. “I think it’s very clear that figuring out how to live sustainably within the environmental systems that support us is the defining challenge of our era,” he says.

In support of his convictions, Norton and Groupon are offering $50,000 in prize money to the three campaigns on CrowdRise — a crowdsourcing site for philanthropists — that raise the most money for an environmental program by May 15.

Fight to the end, and listen as Mother Earth cheers you on.

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