Jessica Alba is so confident in the health of her products that she tests them on her own daughters.
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Back in January, actress and celebrity mom Jessica Alba announced the launch of, her eco-friendly, non-toxic line of baby and household products.

Now that the company has been around for a few months, Alba has shared some of her thoughts about it.

On her ivillage blog, the actress writes, ”It’s been a labor of love that’s taken over three years to develop, but I’m on cloud nine now that it’s here. And I test everything on my own kids (it has to work!). Now I have a shampoo and conditioner that work on Honor’s fine, curly hair. And I have adorable diapers for Haven (one of my favorite designs is the skull and crossbones) and they never leak. (Seriously, I used to have to double up other natural diapers to avoid overnight leaks.)”

In addition to testing the baby products at home, she also uses her line’s natural cleaners. She says that they work so well, she was even able to clean her home grill with the all-purpose cleanser, and she’s confident using them in her house because the products are non-toxic.

“I have cleaners that really get the job done and they’re all safe enough to use around my girls,” she writes.

But it’s not just the effectiveness of the products that Alba is proud of. Obviously, she wants them to work, but price and packaging are also important.

“I decided I wanted to make these products that were also more affordable and more aesthetically pleasing. What can I say — I’m a modern, colorful person and I like beautiful things!”

For more info on Alba’s product line, head over to the Honest Company.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /

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