Actress Bo Derek speaks up for the welfare of horses
by Candice Chandler
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Actress Bo Derek has joined forces with Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) to fight against the inhumane practice of slaughtering horses for food. Speaking on behalf of the Animal Welfare Institute, Derek spoke in favor of Sen. Landrieu and her legislation to end the constant mistreatment of horses, called the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

“We must continue to open people’s eyes about this appalling practice that is so often hidden from the public,” Derek said at a news conference. Along with Willie Nelson’s daughter and granddaughter, Amy and Raelyn Nelson, many people are showing support in favor of Landrieu’s proposal.

“We ride horses in America, we don’t eat them. Slaughter is not humane euthanasia. It is not a responsible end of life option for any horse,” they said. Sen. Landrieu’s act would not only stop the slaughter of horses, it would also end the transport of horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

In 2011, Congress decided not to renew a ban on federal funding of inspectors at horse slaughter plants, and the decision worried Landrieu and other lawmakers. Against the practice, the Senator and her supporters fear it will ignite a return to the mistreatment of horses.

“Ninety percent of all horses that die each year are humanely euthanized and/or safely disposed of – this additional 10 percent is not a burden,” Landrieu said. “Horse owners will buy some of these horses and horse rescue organizations will take others. Brutal slaughter is not an appropriate alternative.”

Among other supporters, “The Bachelor” star Lorenzo Borghese also shared his thoughts on why horses in America must be treated humanely. “The love and loyalty horses have shown people shows no bounds – they have won wars for us, carried us west and built this great country, and have served as companions for our children and our disabled,” he said.

Horses are not just a part of American history, they have been companions to humans since the birth of this nation. When they age, or become ill, sending them to a slaughterhouse where they are brutally disposed of is not the form of euthanasia they deserve.

“There may be no more special relationship than the one we have with horses,” Borghese stated. Derek, Landrieu, and many others are fighting to give these relics of the old West a voice, and hopefully Congress will listen.

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  • Gina Gebhart


    • Elizabeth J Dana has 6 pages of Ban Horse Slaughter petitions.

  • jude arsenault

    no animals are appropraite for slaughter,only humans see a difference.say NO to speciesism and go vegan!!