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by Ali Berman
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Scarlet Johansson is known for her acting chops and, of course, her enviable curves. But, to be in a super hero film, whether you’re a man or a woman, it takes some dedication and diet changes to get into the shape of your life.

For Johansson to look like a Russian spy and to fit into that Avengers suit, the diet of choice was vegan and raw.

The actress said, “The thing is right before we started I was lifting all these weights and eating raw vegan. But the only reason I was doing that was to fix my previous diet because that was a Paleo diet. So I’ve had the extreme of everything. Because when you’re training you rely on your trainer to help you lose muscle and gain muscle and whatever it takes to change your body. So I’m always following some crazy regime. And after lots of fighting and training and raw vegan food you can fit into a cat suit.”

We think Woody Harrelson would agree that a raw vegan diet is just the thing to whip a body into shape.

“The Avengers”, Marvels upcoming and sure to be box office record breaking film, is set to debut in American theaters on May 4th. Johansson made her first appearance as the calm, calculating and butt kicking Black Widow in “Iron Man 2″ with Robert Downey Jr. We hear she’s even in talks for her own Black Widow film. With so few female super hero films out there, we’re hoping for that particular rumor to be true. (And for Joss Whedon, writer and director of “The Avengers”, to write it.)

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  • Anonymous

    We should be carefully to pay close attention to what Johansson need to “fix”. She suggest that paleo and heavy weights made her too big to fit into her costume. Not that it made her sick or unhealthy. What raw vegan allowed her to do was fix the problem of being too big to fit into a Hollywood move superhero costume. Not many off us have this of problem. Both paleo and raw vegan will make one smaller than the usual North American diet. Thus all we are warranted in concluding from this story is that raw vegan can make your body (or at least SJ) smaller than a regime of weights an paleo.

  • Anonymous

    I eat a fruit based omnivorous diet…basically I eat fruit and meat =) best of both worlds