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Singer/Songwriter Jason Mraz has recently had a moment of enlightenment that he wants to share with you. “Global warming is no longer a future problem. It’s a now event. And it’s not a planet problem either. It’s a people problem.”

In a recent exclusive blog for the Huffington Post Green, Mraz describes his moment of realization and understanding that we are all just one part of nature and that the impact of our materialism could actually be killing us.

Written very much in the same beautiful poetic styling as his songs, he uses the essay to explain his views on how the choices we make and the impact that they are starting to have on the world around us.

“Our very creation of an industrialised system to make our lives convenient and sweet succeeded in the sweetness, but sadly isn’t sustainable. The proof is all around us. A billion people live without water. More than that live in extreme poverty. War hasn’t found its resolve. And the seasons are only getting stranger,” writes Mraz.

This realization and essay come out of Mraz’s February trip to the Antarctica where he spent a week with Al Gore and nearly 150 other environmentalists, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. They were there to learn about the immediate and harsh realities of climate change and explore some of the current effects being felt by the region. He cited the example of land ice melting and contaminating the water.

Mraz goes on to describe how we can begin to make a change, writing, “If we believe in the idea that everything is disposable than we should be prepared to be disposable too. Single-use plastics, plastic bags, water bottles, sporks, paper coffee cups and their cute cardboard cozies all have alternatives. Carry your own water bottle and drink from the tap. Carry your own coffee cup and get yourself a refill. You’ll be saving energy and lots of your own money too.”

The essay is a well done example of the line of thinking we all need to have in order to bring about change. Jason Mraz voices a line of thinking many of us have had, but seldom share with those around us. Read the whole essay here.

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