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Pamela Anderson tweets a link to photos of PETA's undercover investigation of pigeon-racingPamela Anderson tweets a link to photos of PETA's undercover investigation of pigeon-racing

Pamela Anderson Tweets PETA Pigeon-Racing Investigation

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Actress and animal advocate Pamela Anderson recently traveled to Berlin on behalf of PETA to promote upholding Germany’s ban on seal fur. Now, she is helping PETA expose the findings of an undercover investigation of pigeon-racing.

This morning, Anderson tweeted a link to photos from the 15-month investigation spanning five states and documenting some of the biggest pigeon-racing operations. She writes “Each year, tens of thousands of pigeons are torn from their mates and babies, packed tightly into crates…” The organization’s report states, “PETA’s investigators found that in many races, which can be as long as 600 miles, more than 60 percent of the birds get lost or die as a result of extreme weather, predators, electrical lines, hunters, or exhaustion.” Races that result in the deaths of the almost all of the birds are known as “smash races” and PETA cites one race in Queens, NY in which only 4 of 213 birds made it back home. They also mention the 2011 American Racing Pigeon Union Convention where 2,294 birds raced in training flights but only 827 survived, and of the survivors only 487 returned by nightfall after the race of 325 miles.

The investigation revealed that pigeons who can’t keep up in the races and aren’t useful for breeding are killed “suffocation, drowning, neck-breaking, gassing, or decapitation.” One racer said that often he will buy 12 pigeons to breed before he finds the right one, and the others and their babies are killed. Another told investigators “The first thing you have to learn—how to kill pigeons.”

The report also points out that not only are the races cruel to the birds, but there are other legal issues involved. “PETA penetrated racing organizations in which a quarter of a million dollars is bet on a single race and discovered that pigeon racing generates an estimated $15 million a year in illegal gambling proceeds and involves felony violations of federal gambling, racketeering, and tax-evasion laws. The high stakes also lead some flyers to cheat: Investigators found that several racers’ birds tested positive for illegal performance-enhancing drugs, and one racer admitted to shooting federally protected raptors,” the organization writes.

PETA is urging Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate and take action against the “cruel and unlawful” races.


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  • Katiedidittwo2

    “Arson, property destruction, burglary, and theft are ‘acceptable crimes’ when used for the animal cause.”
    — PETA co-founder Alex Pacheco lists the “acceptable” tactics to fight for animal rights, Associated Press

  • Kay

    Did we euthanize some animals who could have been adopted? Maybe.”
    — PETA’s Domestic Animal Issues & Abuse Department director Daphna Nachminovitch, in The Virginian-Pilot

    “Crimes of compassion that every animal advocate should support.”
    — Coronado’s description of two 1991 arsons at Oregon State University and the Northwest Farm Food Cooperative in Edmonds, Washington, as described in his 1995 Federal Sentencing Memorandum

    Are you really sure you want to support PeTA.

  • Kay
  • PigeonRacing

    Unbelievable PETA dares to lie upon our beloved sport of racing pigeons we do no such thing its a hobby and pigeons are a part of our everyday life and would never race a pigeon that was out of shape or felt he could not come home!!! Stop the lies!!!!

    • Variouspigeonguy

      They made it sound like we torture our pigeons. To bad they failed to investigate the fact that pigeons are poisoned and disposed of by any means possible by businesses while we medicate ours to try keeping them healthy. Or the rumor that some cities have imported special breeds of predator birds to target pigeons specifically. To bad they failed to mention anything good about the sport in general. They might try focusing on more than a few bad things said or done by a few people in the sport over their five state investigation. Let’s hear something from the good guy’s. You will find faults in everything if you look hard enough. Try showing the entire picture not just the parts you want people to see. Asking people to spread the word to gain support through Facebook is pretty low, considering most people will click almost anything they see on there out of boredom.

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