Award-winning star of "The Artist" Uggie has become the new face of animal adoption
by Candice Chandler
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Photo: PETA

Palm Dog Award winner and star of the Academy Award winning film “The Artist,” Uggie, has taken on a new star role: helping abandoned animals in shelters. Joining a campaign with PETA, Uggie has become the new face of promoting adoption rather than purchasing pets.

uggie adoption ad for peta

According to the ASPCA, approximately five to seven million animals enter shelters every year nationwide. Out of these numbers, 60% are euthanized. The crisis concerning a public that purchases animals rather than adopting them is a cause that Uggie, who was also abandoned and put into a shelter, is trying to change.

Before capturing the hearts of people, Uggie was just another shelter dog looking for a loving family and a warm home. After two families gave him up, Uggie was finally adopted permanently. His story has ignited concern over the amount of animals abandoned, and now with his help he can save other unwanted pets.

Pet stores are notorious for purchasing puppies from inhumane sources, like puppy mills. Adopting animals who never got a chance at a life could help end the puppy mill business. With support from this celebrity animal actor and PETA, the future for millions of unwanted pets in shelters could become as bright as Uggie’s.

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  • Anonymous

    Uggie, thank you for helping homeless pets, but you really should have helped a small shelter or organization. Don’t you know that if it were up to PETA all animals like you would be dead?

  • Samantha Kowalsky

    That’s ironic, considering how any animals you bring to an official PETA shelter are IMMEDIATELY killed. 97% of them. It’s public information. This is the right message, but coming from the wrong group who don’t practice what they preach.