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2012 Supermoon2012 Supermoon

The 2012 Supermoon is Coming this Saturday

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Attention people of Earth: The Supermoon is back.

Remember last year when everyone freaked out over the largest full moon in 18 years?! Well, it’s time to go nuts again. In fact, if you missed out on last year’s Supermoon, this one is expected to be almost as good; at nearly 14% bigger than the average full moon.

What in the hell am I talking about? Here are the details courtesy of Yahoo! Canada:

Supermoon’ happens when the moon is marginally nearer to Earth in its orbit than normally, and this effect is most remarkable when it happens simultaneously with the full moon. It is given the name Supermoon since the actual alignment is very distinct and as a result, one might think it would have some effect. The “super” in the expression supermoon, is actually just reference to the fact that it only gives the impression of it being nearer, but in reality there is no difference.

While the visual difference may nothing more than an illusion, the effect of a Supermoon on the earth’s tides is certainly worth paying attention to. It’s estimated that this weekend’s full moon will exert 42% more tidal force than usual; prompting warnings about possible strandings for those venturing out on beaches.

“This has the effect of causing very high and low tides, or increasing the range of the tide,” the Irish Water Safety group said last year. “This will expose large areas of beach and rocks which we normally don’t see. Many people enjoy walking on our beaches and exploring these new areas of beach and in particular people enjoy picking shellfish to eat which become exposed during these very low tides.”

The next record-breaking Supermoon is slated for November 14, 2016.

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  • ProvokingThought

    “Our Moon is Super!”

    Boy, you can say that again.

    “Our Moon is Super!”

  • Yeah Right

    “Supermoon’ happens when the moon is marginally nearer to Earth in its orbit than normally…it only gives the impression of it being nearer, but in reality there is no difference.”

    So the moon is closer to Earth in its orbit, but it isn’t really closer to Earth. WTF? These are not the droids you’re looking for.

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