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Bret Michaels may be “a little flaky,” according to Donald Trump, but the man does have some business flair. The rocker’s newest venture incorporates the feel of rock and roll into a line of PetSmart products perfect for any pup or pet that has a wild edge.

The Poison singer’s line consists of 50 products that are specifically designed “to rock your pet world.” It has everything from a studded plush bed to squeaky plush toys sporting similar bandannas to the ones the Michaels is known for. Other items in the collection include cross-and-skull pleather vests, a chewable tour bus, and a few stuffed animals for pets to play with including Rocco the Road Dog and Punk Skunk.

Michaels opened up about starting his pet accessory line and embracing his creative side on He said, “They all have the Bret Michaels signature touch. Even the cat products have got a rocker vibe. But all of it is useable, fun.” Michaels also stated, “What I live for is to be creative in general… and PetSmart just really got my ideas.”

There is something for any size pet in the Bret Michaels Pets Rock Collection. The one thing the rocker was disappointed about though was not being able to offer up his creativity for his favorite creature– the rat. He said, “I’m going public: the way we have made rats look in movies is a complete lie. Rats are the cleanest, friendliest, easiest animals I’ve ever experienced. It’s like the wolves –they’ve got a bad rap.”

Maybe now that the rocker has gone public with his support of rats, rodent fashion won’t be too far behind.

The Bret Michaels Pets Rock Collection will be available at PetSmart stores and at beginning June 18. Although some items, like the rockin’ pink tutu in the collection, won’t be available in stores until July.


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