Carrie Ann Inaba rescues injured opossum at 'Dancing with the Stars' parking lot
by Allyson Koerner
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Carrie Ann Inaba’s list of good deeds towards animals just keeps on growing. From having her own web series about helping shelter cats to hosting this year’s Genesis Awards, Inaba can’t seem to get enough of animals.

Recently, the “Dancing with the Stars” judge stumbled upon a young opossum in the TV studio parking lot where the popular reality dancing show films. Instead of walking on by the little guy, she decided to give him a helping hand.

Not only was the opossum injured, but it was threatened by workers in the area. So, what did Inaba do? She found a box, put him in it with some food and water and then let him rest in her trailer.

In an interview with PEOPLE Inaba says, “I want to give him the best chance at living a long, healthy life. A television studio parking lot is not a good place for a little opossum.”

Inaba even took him home and did research on what opossum’s like to eat – blueberries and grapes – and talked with wildlife rehabs about Awesome’s (the name given to him by Inaba herself) chance of survival.

Luckily, Inaba found a place for Awesome. Shadow Oaks Wildlife Care, a California volunteer rescue organization, took Awesome in where he will be rehabilitated and then released into the wild.

“A lot of places will come and pick them up, only to humanely euthanize them,” Inbana says. “That’s not acceptable. I’m so happy for him. Opossums are so misunderstood, and we should educate ourselves about them.”

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