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by Ali Berman
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Photo: Courtesy of WildAid and Kevin Meynell

If you were in San Fransisco on Friday night, we hope you were at WildAid’s gala supporting a fantastic organization and schmoozing with the stars.

Three hundred of WildAid’s supporters including donors, celebrities, politicians, and San Francisco business leaders gathered at Terra Gallery to celebrate another year of accomplishments. With their programs that tackle issues like shark finning, endangered species, ocean conservation and climate change, it’s no wonder that they were able to bring together such a list of all-star attendees.

Jared Leto, a known vegan and animal lover, was there to present a Leadership Award to Google for their tool, Ocean in Google Earth. Hayden Panettiere, known for her work with dolphins and whales, presented the Philanthropy Award to James H. Clark for his continued efforts to support WildAid and other organizations. Also at the gala were Larry King (emcee of the evening), Maggie Q, John Corbett, Kate Flannery, and Bo Derek.

Those able to be in San Fransisco for the event certainly aren’t WildAid’s only well known supporters. Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, Yao Ming, Jackie Chan, Minnie Driver, and Sir Richard Branson can be counted among their fans.

The crowd at the gala got a sneak peek at one of the projects we’re most excited about: an upcoming documentary WildAid is working on with Peabody-Award winning director Deborah Scranton. Eric Desatnik, communications manager at WildAid, writes that the film is, “about the rhino and elephant poaching crisis in Africa, as seen through the eyes of China’s biggest star (and long-time WildAid Ambassador) Yao Ming.”

Check out the photos below from the evening and the petition on the website to “eliminate the illegal trade in wildlife and devote far greater efforts to ensure the protection of wilderness areas.”

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