An update on Paul Watson's arrest in Frankfurt, Germany for shark conservation campaign
by Jennifer Mishler
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Photo: Barbara Veiga / Sea Shepherd

Earlier, we shared the news of Captain Paul Watson‘s arrest in Frankfurt, Germany. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder/president was arrested on a warrant for extradition to Costa Rica.

According to a statement from Sea Shepherd, the arrest warrant was in response to an “alleged violation of ships traffic” in Guatemalan waters during a 2002 (earlier reported as 2005) campaign against illegal shark finning.

This evening, celeb conservationist Elissa Sursara sent us an update from Watson. She wrote, “Paul just texted me from the airport jail. He says he is allowed periodic access to his mobile phone and is being treated well. One of the police officers is a vegan and even asked for an autograph. He says he is comfortable, but fighting a horrible cold. He said the Costa Ricans are trying to arrest him for the events around Sharkwater but believes he will (might) be released tomorrow. A fishermen accused Paul of trying to kill him, though Paul says it is evident that he did not and that evidence is on film. He said the warrant dates back to an event in 2002 and he is unclear why they have issued it ten years later. I told him about all the concern and support on Facebook and Twitter and he says thank you and that it’s very encouraging. The police have given him a vegan salad for dinner. He has two lawyers who came to him by way of the European Parliament and he will see the judge tomorrow morning.”

Sea Shepherd also reports that a new shark campaign is in the works for this year, as shark populations continue to face serious threats, calling it a “global campaign to save sharks from extinction.” The operation will be led by Shark Savers and Shark Angels founder Julie Andersen.

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