Misha Collins gives back to other through non-profit organization Random Acts
by Allyson Koerner
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Misha Collins is known for portraying the angel Castiel on “Supernatural.” In addition to his beloved character he spends his time giving back to others through his organization Random Acts.

Collins co-founded the non-profit with Lisa Walker in 2009. It focuses on contributing “one random act of kindness at a time.”

Collins has fans to thank for getting the charity going. Originally, he used Twitter to reach out to followers and “minions,” as he affectionately calls them, to gain U.S. government stimulus money for non-profit initiatives. The organization’s focus soon changed into a private organized charity group.

“There’s all this energy that goes into being fans of the show. I started thinking maybe we could channel some of that energy into doing something good for the world,” he says in the “Bing is for Doing Good” video.

“Supernatural” fans are not shy when it comes to expressing their love for Collins and the other stars of the sci-fi/horror/humor-filled show like Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Jim Beaver.

Collins has received an overwhelming outpour of love and support from fans. For example, his 438,000 Twitter followers helped raise nearly $500,000 for the rebuilding of Haiti.

“When the Haiti earthquake happened, I registered with UNICEF to set up an account, and posted to Twitter for people to donate to it. In a matter of a couple of hours, $30,000 had been donated. That, to me, was eye-opening,” Collins told USA Today.

On June 14, Collins and 22 of his Twitter fans will head to Haiti, where they will lend a helping hand in the rebuilding. The lucky fans traveling with Collins each raised $5,000 for the actor’s charity.

“There’s a continuum of goodness that you can do on any given day. We’re just helping to facilitate kindness,” he says regarding his organization.

In 2010, Random Acts handed out toys to children in Mexico, gave a deserving child a laptop and printer and raised almost $85,000 for the “Run, Misha, Run” campaign that assisted three Haitian orphanages and flood relief in Pakistan.

To hear more from Collins watch the video below, and tune in to the season 7 “Supernatural” finale on Friday, May 18 to see Collins’ “Bing is for Doing Good” full-length video.

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