Sean Penn and Georgio Armani will host a fundraiser for Haiti at Cannes Film Festival.
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Actor Sean Penn and fashion designer Georgio Armani have a common goal – to help the victims of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake. Tonight, the “Milk” actor and the international designer, will host a fundraising dinner at the Cannes Film Festival to benefit the people of Haiti who were left wounded and homeless.

Proceeds from the event will go to the charity that Penn founded after arriving in Haiti to provide emergency assistance. He founded J/P Haitian Relief Organization or J/P HPO which has been a leading group in helping rebuild the devastated country. The group is responsible for repairing homes, building clinics, creating a community center and providing jobs to those in need.

The fundraising benefit at the Cannes Film Festival tonight will also benefit Artists for Peace and Justice and Happy Hearts Fund. Artists for Peace and Justice is a non-profit charity that seeks to support communities in Haiti through programs in education, health and dignity. APJ believes that it is “removing the barriers poverty poses to a future of opportunity for children in Haiti.”

The Happy Hearts Fund is a non-profit dedicated to rebuilding schools and restoring hope in the lives of children after natural disasters. HHF has been busy in nine countries and has helped build and rebuild 57 schools and kindergartens in areas that have been hit with natural disasters. HHF’s mission is to help children rebuild their lives through education, technology and sustainability.

The dinner gala will take place in a hall of the festival’s main building May 18. Armani will be presenting the dinner. At a Cannes Festival news conference later today, Penn is scheduled to discuss the issues still facing Haiti.

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