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In a youtube video Bill Gates discussed the future of eating meat at what appears to be a dinner conference. There is no information on the video as to the location of the dinner nor the reasons for the affair. Gates is easily identifiable in the video and the way he is talking to the host and the audience makes it appear that he might be speaking on behalf of his foundation.

In the video, Gates says “So all these companies that are taking these animal products –the milk, the eggs, the chicken, the beef– and actually coming up with a way using largely plant based material to make these things that are both cheaper, probably more healthy, less cruelty involved, less green house gas emissions. It is quite a phenomal thing.”

He goes on to speak about the pessimist and how, “They see this increased intensity of animal product consumption as part of increased income and it should be about what people want but the fact of innovation will give them the equivalent without those negative facts at lower prices.”

Gates ends his short speech by suggesting that science and innovation, which are not a part of mainstream dialogue right now, will be part of the mainstream dialogue five years from now. The host then announced that Dan Gardner would be speaking “tomorrow.” A tweet from Gardner on May 21 indicates that he was having dinner with Gates in Sausalito. One can assume this is most likely where the cell phone video footage was taken.

One of the major themes that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on is innovation in agriculture. The funds invested through the foundation for agricultural projects range from sustainable land management to giving farmers a better education with a distinct focus on helping poor families feed themselves.

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