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Gabby Wild creates sustainable fashion to help save endangered speciesGabby Wild creates sustainable fashion to help save endangered species

Gabby Wild: Student Vet Helps Endangered Animals with Fashion

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Gabriela Wagner or as she is known in the animal community “Gabby Wild” is the next up and comer in the animal world, so watch out. As a Cornell University veterinary student, an animal activist and a fashion-conscious designer Wild is an animal extraordinaire who recently launched a wildlife conservation campaign to help save animals from extinction.

Wild is taking a stand against animal endangerment with her “12 in 12 for 12” initiative where for the entire year of 2012 she will highlight an endangered animal each month by creating originally-designed sustainable outfits.

As an avid animal activist, she has visited four continents aiding and protecting animals. Whether small or large animals are in need or if she’s treating them in a clinic or in the field, Wild gives every animal all of her love. Her passion keeps on growing, which can be seen through her current campaign.

Wild is receiving help from fabulous fashion designers who you may recognize from “Project Runway” including season 1 winner Jay McCarroll, season 7 winner Seth Aaron Henderson, Gordana Gehlhausen, Mila Hermanovski, Kara Saun, Althea Harper, Kristin Haskins-Simms and Andy South who designed this month’s outfit featured in the below photo.

Gabby Wild wears 12 sustainable outfits for one year in support of animals on brink of extinction
The sustainable designs will be crafted out of recycled material such as PET thanks to EarthTec that owns the license to National Geographic apparel.

Here are the animals being – or already have been – represented by Wild and her design team.

1. January – Amur Leopard
2. February – Bactrian Camel
3. March – Purple Frog
4. April – Ganges River Dolphin
5. May – Blue Morpho Butterfly
6. June – Red Panda
7. July – Chinese Giant Salamander
8. August – Rondo Dwarf Galago
9. September – Asian Elephant
10. October – Kakapo Parrot
11. November – Sumatran Tiger
12. December – Red Wolf

Proceeds from Wild’s campaign will help the Zoological Society of London’s EDGE of Existence Programme, Kakapo Recovery, Red Wolf Coalition and Ya’axche Conservation Trust.

It’s no wonder that Wild is known as the “guardian angel of wildlife,” because in addition to her great initiative Wild herself will wear each of these 12 outfits meaning she will only wear one outfit a month or a dozen outfits for an entire year! Click here to check out the designs and all of Wild’s hard work.

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  • Kevan

    Good work Gabi!

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