by Brook Bolen
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Three-time Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone is joining the fight for animal rights by narrating PETA’s shocking new exposé.

Leaked footage reveals recent Coast Guard trauma training drill footage that shows instructors breaking and cutting the limbs off of live goats with tree trimming clippers, as well as stabbing the live animals and removing their organs. The goats, who have clearly not been sufficiently anesthetized, kick, squirm, and moan in pain during the training. The disturbing footage shows one instructor joking about writing a song about animal mutilation, and another whistling lightheartedly. More than 10,000 animals lose their lives in this type of training annually.

While many military facilities have begun using sophisticated non-animal training methods, such as human-patient simulators, the US has not followed suit. This is despite the fact that military regulations require that animal laboratories be replaced with humane, non-animal methods whenever possible.  In fact, according to a recent study by PETA and military medical experts, 22 of 28 NATO nations exclusively utilize non-animal methods in their military training.

PETA’s exposé highlights the need for humane non-animal methods in US military trauma training, which are so efficacious that Congress has introduced legislation to phase out the use of animals, thereby saving animals’ lives and improving training for US service members.

To join Oliver Stone and PETA in this crusade, please contact the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security and urge them to replace the archaic and cruel use of animals in military trauma training with humane and superior non-animal methods.

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