Jenny McCarthy gives 10-year-old son deer head for his birthday
by Allyson Koerner
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Parents are getting their children all kinds of presents for birthday’s these days, even Jenny McCarthy. The actress gave her son a deer head for his 10th birthday, but only because he desperately wanted one and thinks “it’s really cool.”

The actress discussed her son’s recent celebration with Kelly Ripa on “LIVE! With Kelly” Tuesday. After watching Disney’s “Bambi,” McCarthy and her son had an in depth conversation about deer hunting. Evan felt sorry for Bambi’s mother, who gets shot and killed in the movie, and came to the conclusion hunting is wrong.

“For his birthday present, he was telling me that he was really interested in going on YouTube and – he just saw Bambi – so he’s like, ‘What is hunting? Can you show me?’ So I was like, ‘Alright, let’s sit down on YouTube and I’ll find a clean one’. . .,” she said.

After watching the video, Evan decided to take a stand against hunters. McCarthy explained, “So we watched this deer hunter and he was horrified by it and was like, ‘I’m writing a letter about hunters.’ So he wrote this (letter), ‘Dear hunters, stop doing it, you’re killing somebody’s mom and dad’ and I was like, ‘Evan, that’s awesome, you are such a sweet little boy’ – and then in the next sentence he says, ‘But do you think you can buy me a deer head for my birthday ’cause it’s really cool.'”

McCarthy hunted high and low for a deer head finally getting one from her own father. “Being the mom that I am (I got him a mounted deer head) . . . It’s real. My dad was a hunter, unfortunately, growing up, so (we have them) in our basement, so I asked him to pop one off the wall, so it’s a recycled one.”

Well, Evan almost got the full message of Bambi. At least no new animals had to suffer for his birthday wish.

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