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Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrates Step Toward NYS Shark Fin Ban

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Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio may have another reason to applaud today as the bill to ban the shark fin trade in New York State has passed through the state’s Senate Environmental Conservation Committee. While shark finning itself is already illegal in the states, legislation such as that which bill S.6431 could become have the potential to discourage finning in other countries, helping us become accountable on a global scale.

DiCaprio isn’t alone in his happiness or his crusade; vegetarian pop star Ke$ha recently released an advocacy video as part of her ambassadorship with Humane Society International. In it, the singer emphasizes that ten million sharks are killed yearly for their fins alone.

Ke$ha’s visuals could be exactly what the campaign needs: we may be used to imagining sharks solely as fins floating above the water, but DiCaprio and Ke$ha encourage us to remember that the fin is not a thing unto itself but rather part of a whole, living creature – and a whole, living eco system. Who better but celebrities, whole people often confused with the tip of their images, to speak for the sharks?

Check out Ke$ha’s video below.

cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com

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  • Green GreenJoyment

    It’s easy to forget what it took to get it to your plate when the dish you’re eating is so delicious but imagine the pain and suffering sharks are put when fins are harvested. It’s plain c-r-u-e-l. I met someone who said it was fine cause sharks where dangerous, I nearly punched the guy in the mouth, but I decided against it. I explained that sharks are really misunderstood, and he was an ignorant ass for stereotyping the entire shark species as violent. Cheers for the all the guys and gals who work round-the-clock to stop this cruel practice. Cheers!

    Juan Miguel Ruiz

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