Gisele Bundchen plants the first of 50,000 trees in Brazil for World Environment Day and Green Nation Fest
by Allyson Koerner
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Model Gisele Bündchen put her environmentalism front and center on Monday, June 4, during World Environment Day when she helped plant the first of 50,000 trees in Brazil, while in attendance at Green Fest Nation.

Bündchen got her hands dirty in a degraded region of Rio de Janeiro, where trees are being planted to help recover the area. Green Fest is a festival where cinema, education, sports and fashion combine forces in support of sustainability.

As a U. N. Ambassador, Bündchen takes World Environment Day very seriously. So, what is this special day? It is an annual eco-holiday thrown by the United Nations Environmental Programme promoting environmental issues and encouraging others to take part in activities that give back to the planet. This year was the 40th anniversary with over 9,000 people registering in eco-friendly activities.

Bündchen made sure she participated in several activities. In addition to planting trees, she experienced simulations of the effects of climate change. The model saw firsthand a forest fire and watched an arctic climate thaw. Furthermore, she also showed off her bicycle skills, and not for a workout, but to generate energy. She sure was busy and dabbled in pretty much everything.

Two other Global Ambassador’s you may have heard of, Ian Somerhalder and Don Cheadle, also participated in WED. Last year, Bündchen and Cheadle battled to see who could get the most pledges from WED participants. She beat the actor, and as a result will have a forest planted.

As you can see, she gave back quite a bit to nature, which she seems to do year-round. Way to go Gisele!

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