Ian Somerhalder met with President Obama to discuss the environment and green energy.
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Photo: Ian Somerhalder, Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Eco-warrior Ian Somerhalder is at it again! Now that “The Vampire Diaries” is on hiatus, the actor has been devoting his attention to planet-saving projects.

Not only is he doing everything he can to get his animal sanctuary off the ground, but Somerhalder also returned to politics this week.

Last year, he spoke to Congress about species conservation, and now Somerhalder has gone straight to the top — meeting with President Obama.

According to Somerhalder’s Twitter, Thursday was a big day. “Totally surreal morning. Met up with some friends, had coffee with President Obama, now tweeting. The 21st century…Let’s do this.”

He followed that up with, “Just spent my morning w/this man talkn green energy, a better America & being a young American-wow.” Included in the tweet were twitpic photos of him talking to the president (one in color, the other black and white).

Ian Somerhalder met with President Obama to discuss green energy.

Yahoo! reports that a handful of young celebs, including Dianna Agron, Sophia Bush and Anna Kendrick, also met with the president yesterday morning.

If Somerhalder’s tweets are any indication, the meeting went well. His verdict: “Fricking awesome day. Met Obama, edited script I’m writing my w/scribe partner, now getting on plane for Germany. Wow. See you again soon Europe ;)”

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