Josh Duhamel has teamed with PetSmart to promote pet adoption.
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Actor Josh Duhamel is ready to “transform” the lives of adoptable pets, and he’s partnered with a major nonprofit to do so.

Phoenix-based PetSmart Charities has worked hard for more than a decade to promote pet adoption, and their efforts have seriously paid off. With the recent adoption of Dodge, a 5-year-old husky in Florida, PetSmart has successfully placed 5 million animals in forever homes.

To celebrate the milestone adoption, the charity has teamed up with Duhamel for the High-Five for Pet Adoption campaign, which “aims to boost awareness of dog and cat adoption and raise $250,000 for the organization, funds that would help save 10,000 homeless cats and dogs.”

Duhamel became personally involved in the adoption process six years ago, when he brought home a pooch named Meatloaf. Sadly, Meatloaf passed away a few weeks ago from a brain disorder, but Duhamel is happy to have been able to give him a good home for a few years.

“Pet adoption changed my life when we were looking to find a companion for our 7-year-old dachshund, Zoe,” he said. “Meatloaf could have died six years ago. Who knows if they would have had to put him down because these shelters are so overrun.”

Luckily Meatloaf escaped that fate, and PetSmart wants to make sure other animals do as well. The organization is excited to have celebrity support, and hope Duhamel’s involvement in the campaign will bring awareness to pets in need.

“About 10% of all pet adoptions in North America are made possible by PetSmart Charities and we save more than 400,000 homeless pets every year. Saving five million pets’ lives is an accomplishment we’re proud to celebrate, and we thank…everyone who has saved a pet by adopting from our PetSmart in-store adoption centers. With the support of a leading celebrity like Josh to raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption, we aim to save millions more lives,” said Susana Della Maddalena, executive director of PetSmart Charities Inc.

PetSmart Charities was founded in 1994, and sprang up from the pet adoption centers in the PetSmart stores. Since its inception, the organization has found homes for about 400,000 pets each year — a statistic Duhamel takes seriously.

“I applaud Petsmart Charities for its achievement of saving five million pets, and I’m honored to work with them to encourage everyone to bring the joy of an adopted pet into their lives and help save millions more pets,” he said. “Adoption is the way to go. There are so many great little dogs out there.”

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