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Bob Barker has demonstrated his generosity and love of animals time and time again. Many rescued animals have been given a new life at sanctuaries because of his donations, including 29 wolf dogs formerly kept in a roadside attraction and chimpanzees rescued from a research lab.

Barker has now sent help for more chimps who will never see a lab cage again. According to the LA Times, the former “The Price is Right” host donated a reported $200,000 for five monkeys to be sent from California to an Oklahoma Sanctuary.

The monkeys will no longer be used for experiments at the lab, which would not be named by rescuers, and would be euthanized if not rescued by Mindy’s Memory Primate Sanctuary. Researchers are making an attempt to socialize the five monkeys before they head to the sanctuary.

“Obviously these monkeys are compromised socially because they’ve been in little tiny boxes for years, generally. We’re trying to get these five particular monkeys to know each other so that they have worked out their differences before they get to us…To be monkeys, you have to be around monkeys,” said Bob Ingersoll, president of the board of directors at Mindy’s Memory.

Ingersoll did not specify the exact amount of Barker’s donation, but confirmed that the estimated $200,000 was close. “We are incredibly grateful to Bob Barker for this remarkable gift, which will have a major impact on our organization and the primates we care for. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to give a home to these five monkeys from California,” he said in a press release.

He added that providing a home to former research lab primates for the remainder of their lives can get expensive, costing the organization $12,500 for each monkey every year. Barker wants to continue to help with that costly work. “He said he was happy to support us and the work we do overall. This money is earmarked for this particular situation, but later on down the road, who knows,” said Ingersoll.

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