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by Michael dEstries
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Scott Jurek likes to run. As in hundreds of miles. Back in 2010, we told you how he set a new American record by running over 165 miles during the grueling World 24-Hour Championship run in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France. He came in second.

While training, the 38-year-old consumes a whopping 5,000-8,000 plant-based calories a day.

In a new article on HuffPo, Jurek reveals a bit about the road that led him to his currently vegan lifestyle – and the moment he realized how powerful it all was.

Five months later [after going fully vegan], I shot off the starting line and into the lead. “He’ll fade,” I heard volunteers mutter at aid stations. “Wait until the champ catches him, then he’s toast,” I heard others whisper. “The tall guy went out too fast,” specatators said. “Typical rookie mistake.” For 90 miles, I heard people predict that “the flatlander” would soon collapse. But the last 10 miles there were only cheers. I led the entire race, from start to finish. I won that Western States, and the six after, setting a course record along the way. I won the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon, run in 125 degree heat through Death Valley, setting a record there, too. I even raced (and eventually defeated) the greatest member of the legendary Tarahumara Indians in Mexico’s Copper Canyons. I won a lot of other races, too, including the 153-mile Spartathlon from Athens to Sparta and the Hardrock 100, the most difficult one hundred mile trail race in the world.

And of course, there were the amazing health benefits too:

When I went vegan, my blood pressure and triglycerides levels dropped to all time lows, and my HDL, or “good” cholesterol shot up to an all-time high. I had virtually no joint inflammation, even after miles of pounding trails and roads, and on the rare occasions I sprained an ankle or fell and whacked my elbow or wrist, the soreness left faster than it ever had before.

The full article is a great read – especially when you realize that Jurek was once a “Grill Master” and a hunter who loved “roast pork, baked chicken and broiled steak.”

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