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Surgeon and host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” Dr. Mehmet Oz has promoted a healthy vegan diet before. His “Go Vegan Challenge” encourages his viewers to drop the animal products and get healthy. “If you’re a meat and potatoes kinda person who also has problems with portion sizes, than chances are you’re getting more fat and protein in your diet than your body needs. Take this 28-day challenge to go Vegan and do something that’s good for your cholesterol level, your overall health – and the environment (since you’ll be creating less animal waste!),” his website says. Dr. Oz even helped a meat-obsessed cowboy go vegan in 2009 after suffering from obesity and high blood sugar.

Now, Oz is talking about his own vegetarian diet in a video for PeopleTV. “I grew up eating a steak every night with mashed potatoes. It was a routine, kind of how my mom showed her love for me was to make that meal,” say Dr. Oz. He adds that his wife, a vegetarian, has helped him transition from his steak and potatoes diet to a veg diet. “I learned that you can be a vegetarian and eat food that tastes just as good as if you’re not.”

While Oz doesn’t say that he and his family eat vegan, he does say that they try to mostly eat whole plant foods and raw foods. “The foods that we eat right now tend to be foods that come out of the ground looking just the way they look when I eat them. They’re unadulterated, they’re real foods. I try to eat them raw if I can.”

His food advice for others? “Figure out what gives you energy and what saps your energy.”

Watch his full video from People!

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  • Iris M. Gross

    Dr Oz isn’t going to read this, son.

  • Aaron Hollander

    I cannot figure out why folks like Dr. Oz still eat dairy and eggs…I suspect he doesn’t but I also bet a huge number of his sponsors are part of the dairy industry (Pizza ads, Milk, on and on) and he fears alienating them…or, like Sir Paul McCartney, he knows a softer approach to Vegetarianism is more appealing to the masses and less shocking. Either way…glad to hear he is at least Veg.