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Jessica Alba was a vegetarian from ages 12-16.Jessica Alba was a vegetarian from ages 12-16.

Jessica Alba Was a Teenage Vegetarian

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Even after two kids, Jessica Alba has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, and she credits it to her awareness of nutrition as a teenager — and her vegetarian diet.

As the founder of The Honest Company, it’s no surprise that Alba is hyper aware of the ingredients she uses in her home and on her daughters. But it turns out that she’s equally concerned about what she puts in her body.

Alba has been open about the fact that she grew up in an overweight family that had a tendency to overindulge in unhealthy meals, and that she was anxious to escape that fate.

“I was aware at a very young about the importance of eating healthy. I became a vegetarian at 12 until the age of 16. So I was cooking my own meals, different from the rest of the family,” she says.

Although she no longer adheres to a meat-free diet, Alba still stresses the importance of organic, preservative-free foods, for herself and her family. In fact, daughter Honor regularly eats veggie staples, such as vegan cupcakes and almond milk.

“All of her pasta is spelt or quinoa,” says Alba. “It’s been a way to introduce protein in her diet, and she only drinks almond milk that has no sugar in it. And everything is organic.”

It’s great to see a celeb mom instilling healthy values in her children, and touting the benefits of a veg diet. And who knows? Maybe she’ll even go completely meat-free again one day!

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  • PhiPlanet

    For some reason, I read this as “Jessica Alba Was a Teenage Werewolf”
    I like both options equally.

  • lilkunta

    It is easy for Alba to do this as she is a multi millionaire. Spelt bread, qunoa, almond mil are all very expensive.

  • http://gobblelogic.com Alison Foxall

    Quinoa and almond milk are not expensive! I can get a pound of organic quinoa for 4 dollars in bulk.


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