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Subway unveils three vegan sandwichesSubway unveils three vegan sandwiches

Subway Unveils Three Vegan Sandwiches

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Subway has unveiled three new options for vegan sandwich lovers featuring soy meats.

According to Long Island Press, the veg sandwiches, the Sweet Riblet, Malibu Greek and Italian Black Bean, include vegan “turkey, ham and chicken.” They are the sandwich chain’s first totally vegan options in the USA. The “Veggie Delight” sandwich has been on the Subway menu for quite a while now but comes with cheese unless you opt out, and Subway’s “Totally Vegged” patty is only sold in Canadian stores.

Subway didn’t exactly win over animal lovers when Michael Vick won “Subway Sportsman of the Year” at the BET Awards last year, prompting calls for a “No Way Subway” boycott. Maybe the new vegan options will help get them some points? Animal advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing (COK) has had a long-time campaign calling on Subway to introduce options with veg meats.

“Thousands of consumers from coast to coast are also letting the company know, through our campaign website,  WeLoveSubway.com, that the interest in healthier and more humane vegan options is on the rise. We were excited to announce late last year that Subway stores across Canada introduced a new ‘Totally Vegged’ vegan patty — and now we, along with The Humane League, are excited to share even more good news: Starting this week, several Subway Cafés in Maryland, DC, and Virginia are featuring three new all-vegan savory sandwiches,” says COK.

Check out COK’s list of Subway locations offering the new sandwiches. If they sell well at the Maryland, DC and Virginia stores currently offering them, the vegan options may be introduced at more Subways.

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  • There are too many GMOs and processed breads in Subway. I’ll never eat there again until I see some REAL food options and not preserved veggies and dough conditioners.

    • SZQ28

      I agree with your concerns. Their alignment with Michael Vick turns my stomach anyway.

    • yidaki_mark

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Also, I’m sure they’re not using organic soy which means the soybeans they’re making the products from are gmo unless they state otherwise.

    • Donkey

      This is true!! subway is horrible.. whats worse they may or may not use
      baby cows in their “veggie subs” apparently subway does not know what
      goes into their cheese.
      http://www.subway.com/subwayroot/Menu_And_Nutrition/MenuFAQs.aspx It
      is really really sick. I would be ashamed to be the CEO of that company.

  • Sorenconrad

    More stores!!!! i don’t go to subway often but it sure would make business trips and last minute meals a lot easier if they 3 more subs to choose from.

  • Subway’s bread has a toxic dough conditioner & veggies are loaded with preservatives. ‘Eat Fresh’ is not an option at Subway.

  • Jen

    I hope these vegan options come to the UK!

  • Becca

    I was SO excited when I found out about these new vegan subs at Subway. I’d gotten so tired of the veggie delite (and was pretty disappointed to find out there was egg in the veggie patty). I just hope they make it a permanent thing for all the Subways!

  • Becca44

    These look so good (especially the riblet), and I’m so excited Subway is reaching out to vegans and vegetarians. Can’t wait to try them! I just hope they add them to more Subways!

  • cetude

    I love Subway’s vegan menu. Thank you!

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