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The Hulk just got greener.

Mark Ruffalo has added a 14kW solar array to his farm in Callicoon, N.Y. (pop: 215), saying that this step represents personal progress to becoming energy independent and not reliant on the fossil fuel industry.

“We are the innovators, we are the leaders, and I am watching the world leaving us behind,” he tells the Sullivan County Democrat. “I don’t like it. I feel like we are being had by the fossil fuel industry, which has no real commitment to our community or country. I want to walk the walk and talk the talk. I have to be part of the solution. This is one step closer to me being the world citizen I believe I can be.”

Ruffalo’s installation comes thanks to Sungevity, which recently has started servicing customers in New York State (but still, sadly, not in my hometown of Ithaca, NY – C’mon!). The “Avengers” star said that his total out-of-pocket expenses for the $40K system were just over $9K – and prove that solar energy is starting to reach an affordable level for consumers.

“This system did not involve huge upfront costs,” he says. “The great thing about the system is that it can be leased with no upfront money. Most middle class families can get this system without shelling out a huge amount of cash. In the past, solar was prohibitive because it cost a large sum of money to put it up. With leasing, they take your monthly fee out of the energy you are saving every month by producing your own energy. I will be saving more than $1,200 a year with this system.”

“The reason I got this system was because I didn’t want to shell out $40,000 right off the top,” he added. “I wanted to show to people what was possible.”

Ruffalo, who is helping to lead the fight against natural gas drilling in New York State, said that such installations prove clean energy is a viable alternative.

“This is real energy independence – energy independence that does not make us even more dependent on the fossil fuel industry, an industry that drags us into wars and gouges us at the pump and at the meter,” he says. “I want real independence, and the way we are going to get there is through renewable energy.”

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